Our company’s mission is dedication to service. We continuously focus on the needs of our clients and use our customized approach in negotiation to reduce financial exposure and close claims as quickly as possible. Our proven strategies result in substantial savings to our customers and ensure final lien and contribution issues are resolved on your claims to accelerate clean closures. Our goal is to deliver cost cutting results and return on investment to increase your bottom line.

In short, our goal is to provide premium services with specific attention to the practical considerations of every case. Our size and experience allows us to provide personalized service and expertise to every potential claim.


“Forza” chosen for its meaning of strength in Italian, provides the behind the scenes strategies and negotiations in order to combat your workers compensation medical lien costs. Our team of lien negotiators and management specialize in reducing your expenses in order to improve your bottom line return on investment.


Your Partner For Success

With our professional and effective lien resolution services, you’ll reduce costs and close those never-ending workers compensation claims once and for all. Forza is dedicated to servicing our clients and focusing on innovative solutions and technology to assist in this process.

We believe in partnering with our clients to accelerate the timely resolution of disputed issues. Our goal is to have constant contact with our clients and encourage interaction in their cases where necessary. We take pride in our ability to achieve an essential balance of experience, skill and efficiency