Lien Services

Some of the services we offer:

  • Lien Negotiation
  • Disputed Bill Analysis
  • Claim Consultation for strategic planning on lien issues
  • Bulk Settlements
  • Contribution Claim Resolution

Lien Negotiation

You can rely on Forza Lien to analyze, resolve, and litigate California workers’ compensation liens for fast optimal resolution. With extensive claims and negotiation expertise, we utilize California OMFS, Medicare fee schedules, usual and customary, market rates, national averages, case law, and claim file defenses to drive down costs. Forza Lien can typically close a lien file within 30 to 45 days  in circumstances where WCAB intervention is not needed.  Discover how our highly skilled lien specialists and proprietary negotiation system can save you significant time and money.

Disputed Bill Analysis

Rely on Forza Lien to accurately assess whether a bill has been paid correctly to avoid costly litigation. Our experts have experience in California Fee Schedule, Usual & Customary, and Medicare pricing. We will be able to assess the situation and provide a fair and reasonable reimbursement or negotiable rate.

Claim Consultation / Analysis

Trying to decide if you should resolve liens informally or litigate at the WCAB? Forza Lien will analyze your claim and defenses to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients; whether resolving directly with lien claimants or pursuing a Lien Trial. Our experience allows us to dig into the file and extract necessary defense evidence if a recommendation to litigate is the best possible solution. We work with several law firms and expert witnesses to ensure you have the best defense team!

Bulk Settlements

Do you have a single provider on multiple claims who have filed liens? It may be in your best interest to consolidate the lien exposure and resolve via bulk settlement. Our experts can consolidate the outstanding lien into a single transaction.

Contribution Claim Resolution

When more than one carrier shares exposure, Forza Lien’s expert contribution specialists will review the lien and contribution exposure and determine a plan of action to mitigate exposure and achieve the best results for our clients. Forza Lien’s main objective is to discover any money owed to our clients and to obtain all outstanding amounts due.