Forza Lien will analyze, resolve, and create litigation strategies for California workers’ compensation liens with a focus on a superior end result.
We will work with our partners on identifying lien providers interested in bulk resolutions. This approach has been proven to save time and money as multiple liens and claims are simultaneously addressed.
When more than one carrier shares exposure, Forza Lien’s expert contribution
specialists will review the lien, and contribution exposure, and determine a plan of action to mitigate exposure.


We Combat Your Medical Liens

Since our inception, Forza Lien has been a preeminent force in assisting Workers’ Compensation Carriers, TPA’s and Self Insured Programs with resolution of their lien issues. We have been able to save an average of 78% of the total lien exposure when settling liens. Forza Lien is a multi-service company that offers a broad range of expertise which allows us to achieve superior end results. Our representatives are committed to providing the highest caliber of representation.

Our “Lien Team” has combined experience of over 25 years in workers’ compensation, bill review and
claims/legal management that enables us to negotiate the best settlements on outstanding lien and
contribution exposure. We offer skillful, personalized, and accessible service to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. We are dedicated to providing exceptional value to clients by aggressively addressing each lien issue in a timely fashion. Forza is focused on resolving only those liens with merit, and will not compromise our own reputation or that of our clients by paying on items not owed or allowed.


“Working with Forza Lien has been extremely beneficial to the handling of our files that only remain open because of liens.  They were willing to work closely with us and met all of our special handling needs, reporting and communication preferences and settlement authority.  They review the specific facts of each case in negotiating the liens, as opposed to only using a percentage to resolve a lien.  They are well aware of current case law and fee schedules and use this knowledge to get the best result on our liens.  As specialists in this area, they frankly get a better result and are more focused on these issues than my examiners. With Forza’s help, my files are closing faster and with better results”. -C.J., a Forza Self Insured Program Client